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      Great Escape Preschool is a quality, caring Early Childhood program.  Our Early Childhood team strives to
      nurture a creative and challenging learning environment that encompasses the whole child through
      environmental awareness, music, and movement education.

      Children learn by DOING.    Our classroom is arranged to promote a safe and fun learning environment
      that encourages socio-emotional, cognitive, intellectual and physical growth.  Children explore these core
      components with everyday exploration.   Activities feature hands-on learning experiences that integrate
      counting, sorting, classifying, ordering, measuring, and the creative arts, just to name a few.   We have
      arranged the classroom into interactive learning centers.

      Dramatic Play                                                                                                                                       Creative Arts/Fine motor skills
      Science/Sensory                                                                                                                                  Literacy
      Our very own indoor tree house!

      Screen shot 2015-05-29 at 10.43.45 AM

      Classroom materials, books and nature logs provide fun ways for your child to learn sound awareness,
      letter recognition, print awareness, and early writing skills.  Our preschool provides a good balance of
      “free choice” time and teacher guided activities that reflect our “green” inspired philosophy.   Children
      are exposed to science in nature and experience how things look, feel, work, smell, and sound in their
      natural environment.

      Movement education is facilitated through our “fitness is fun” program in the Elite Sports Complex
      gyms.  Children will gain rhythm, body awareness, core bodyGreat Escape Preschool
      strength, hand-eye coordination, and cooperation as they
      follow an obstacle course, jump on the trampoline, balance,
      practice locomotor skills, “play” cooperative sports activities
      with their peers, and much more!!!  PRESCHOOL CHILDREN

      Music enrichment is included weekly by a certified Early Childhood Music Instructor.

      Elite Great Escape Preschool

      Elite Great Escape Preschool

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