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      Preschool children learn primarily through play.   The Great Escape Preschool nurtures the sense of wonder
      and curiosity so that children can actively explore their surroundings. Nature, sensory exploration, music
      and movement are integrated into our Daily Routine:

      ARRIVAL: Children enter the classroom, hang up their coats and backpacks, and wash hands. Each
      child is greeted by the teacher and invited into a welcoming environment that engages the child and is safe
      for exploration.  Fine motor and social-emotional development is emphasized during this time.

      CIRCLE TIME is a special part of the morning where the children gather to greet one another and
      welcome the day through a welcome game, seasonal song, poem, story, or finger play.   Each child decides
      what centers he or she would like to become involved with for that day. The theme is also introduced during
      this time as well as participation with the calendar, weather, literary concepts, and sharing during this time.

      CENTER TIME allows children to develop their imagination and creativity while they also learn
      about sharing, taking risks, role modeling, and resolving conflict.  Our classroom is divided into interest areas (books, blocks/manipulative, music, dramatic play, art, science/sensory, math, literacy, and our
      very own classroom tree house) that accommodate a few children at a time.

      CLEAN UP: Children learn when it’s time to stop an activity, put away toys and materials, and learn to
      cooperate with others.

      SNACK TIME encourages communication between the children, self-help skills and good

      GROSS MOTOR/GYM TIME: Teachers will lead children in planned, supervised activities in our gymnastics and/or large gym facility through our “fitness is fun” program.  Children also learn self-control by following rules and safety guidelines.

      SMALL GROUP: Teachers will spend individual time with children working on specific
      lessons for that day’s plan that may include; literacy, mathematical, or science related activities

      STORY TIME: Teachers read to children in both large and small groups. Reading enhances listening
      skills and memory, stimulates thought-provoking questions and helps children discuss the differences between the world we live in and the fantasy worlds we read about.

      OUTDOOR: On the playground, the children are free to run, play on the wooden play structures, kick or
      throw balls, play hide-and-seek, ride bikes, or experiment with sensory play.

      DISMISSAL: Children are encouraged to collect their belongings independently.

      Great Escape Preschool welcomes families into the educational process!

      Great Escape Preschool values parent involvement in the classroom. In addition to our regularly scheduled program, we include Special Events that invite families into our learning environment. These are our favorite days of the year because we get to spend time with families and gain more insight about our students! Some of these memorable occasions include:

      Annual Ice Cream Social

      Fall Festival

      Holiday Program

      Dad’s Night

      Mom’s Night

      All School Picnic

      Preschool Graduation

      We also have several Field Trips throughout the school year where parents and families are encouraged to join. Field trips are an important addition to our curriculum as they allow us to take our learning to new places! Some of our yearly field trips include:

      Farm or Pumpkin Patch

      Children’s Play

      Nature Exploration


      Elite Great Escape Preschool

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