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Great Escape Preschools’ goal is for children in our preschool to become excited and independent learners. We hope to make learning an enjoyable experience in order to initiate a positive image associated with learning.

Great Escape Preschool is a fun, safe place, where learning occurs naturally.

We believe that children should have fun!  That’s why we strive to make learning fun for children of all ages.  We recognize the value of providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum for everyone.  Our curriculum integrates play-based and formal learning, to introduce first-time students to a traditional classroom setting.   We create lessons that engage our student’s social, intellectual, and physical needs.


Children naturally learn through play by engaging in and making sense of their world. Play-based learning provides opportunities for children to actively and imaginatively engage with people, objects, and the environment.

Our teachers provide a carefully planned learning environment where children are able to explore academics naturally through free choice centers, games, and invitations to play.

Children will learn through hands-on play and structured activities in our well-organized “learning environments”. These are the different centers within each classroom where children can find toys and materials related by theme, interest, and skills. These activities and toys can be used independently by children, or with teacher direction, to reinforce and enrich skills and concepts needed for success.  Learning environments are an excellent way to individualize the curriculum to meet the varying needs of young children.   Some of the learning centers that you will see at Great Escape are:

Block area, Dramatic Play, Sensory, Art, Reading, Writing, Math and Science!

Preschoolers need lots of opportunities to practice movement! That’s how they learn and grow.   Gross motor skills are the abilities required to control the large muscles of the body for movements such as crawling, walking, jumping, and skipping. Working on these skills helps a child gain strength and confidence in their body. It also helps them get exercise and physical activity, which is important for a healthy lifestyle. Developing these skills also helps a child’s ability to do more complex skills in future activities, such as playing a sport with a team. Our preschoolers spend 20 minutes each day in one of our many gyms at Elite.

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