Go Green


“Going Green” involves a nature-centered curriculum, with an inviting environment both inside nature awareness. We implement hands-on environmental instruction, through discovery and exploration of the five senses in nature.


Why focus on a Green curriculum?

Going Green is good for the earth and it builds positive environmental awareness in young learners.

Green curriculum is good for childrens’ intellects, socio-emotional and physical development. Students become
aware of cycles and processes of life through activities and discussions that reflect the changing seasons.
The natural environment provides expansive examples of sensory differences and helps them discriminate and
become aware, opening up their worlds to different details that includes all five senses.  A green curriculum
seeks to provide balance to the stressors of a very busy modern world by building a comfort with self.
Connections to the natural world can give the sense of feeling centered and calm, improving concentration,
promote the ability to make connections more meaningful, spark the imagination, and help with
problem-solving skills.

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