Gym & Fitness

Gym & Fitness is an integral part of learning!

In addition to our standard curriculum lessons and goals, our program also incorporates fitness and gymnastics! Each school day, we engage our students in about 20 minutes of physical activity. This promotes healthy habits and allows the young learners to release some of the built up energy inside. This added element of our curriculum helps develop coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. We utilize trampolines and spring floors for full body growth, as well as integrate gym equipment such as balls, hoops, and other appropriate materials for coordination. The introduction to basic tumble skills also stimulate mental focus and flexibility. Each of these skills aids in overall development, and helps form a balanced lifestyle. Not only does gym and fitness encourage individual progress, it also helps children develop social skills. Children learn to take turns, share materials, coordinate with partners, and even acknowledge the accomplishments of others.  By including various gross motor activities, we create growth in ALL areas of our students.

Elite Great Escape Preschool

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