Great Escape Preschool Philosophy

that each child is a unique individual.  We value human diversity and encourage children to express and accept the differences among one another.

that it is important to provide a safe, secure and clean facility in which children and parents may feel comfortable.  Our classroom is designed to provide an atmosphere of learning through the many choices and activities offered in a range of developmental levels.

in providing developmentally appropriate programs.  Our teachers are dedicated in guiding children to become independent, curious, creative, responsible and self-directed learners.

in using positive methods of discipline, which focus, on the children’s good behavior rather than on the bad.  We believe setting age-appropriate limits and helping to direct children in making good choices concerning their own behavior.

that parents are the most important element in a child’s education.  We strive to keep open communication between our staff and parents at all times and encourage parent involvement in our program whenever possible.

 Statement of Services, Purposes, and Goals

Our philosophy is based on our belief that each child is a unique individual with special talents and needs.  Activities are designed for children to progress at their own pace and for each child to feel success in what they are doing.   The first years of learning are the most important in developing a positive self-image. We offer activities that will nurture development in all areas of their lives and self-confidence that can last a lifetime.

The Great Escape Preschool offers a learning environment in which children are exposed to a variety of organized activities as well as creative playtime.  Individual talents are encouraged to develop and grow.  We support a healthy balance of learning opportunities that will create growth in all areas of learning – intellectual, creative, social, emotional, and physical. We believe in giving children the
freedom of individual expression in their quest for identity and uniqueness in all learning situations.

Our goal is to help the children in our school become excited and independent learners.  We hope to make learning an enjoyable experience in order to initiate a positive image associated with learning.
Great Escape Preschool is a fun, safe place, where learning occurs naturally.

Great Escape Preschool Teachers

All of our classroom leaders are certified teachers with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Our teachers have knowledge of developmental growth in a child and are able to implement an ideal learning environment. Each member of our staff encourages student creativity and developmental growth in all aspects and has a genuine passion for guiding young children to learn in our very changing world.

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